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Video to teach beginners of all ages to ice skate.

Learn to Ice Dance Video

Learn to Ice Dance
With ballroom dancing again becoming the rage, learning to dance on ice can be an extremely rewarding pursuit – and can be learned at any age!

Ice dancers gain: The satisfaction of achievement as skills are mastered; the social enjoyment of skating with other people; the health benefits of exercise; and the sheer joy of dancing on ice!

U.S. national competitors Terri Levine and Mike Ricigliano team up on this video to provide a top-notch visual demonstration of the preliminary and pre-bronze compulsory ice dances of the U.S. Figure Skating test structure.

Includes: Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Cha-Cha, Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango, and BONUS preview: Hickory Hoedown. Designed to complement your own learning and practice, Learn to Ice Dance breaks down the steps to each dance in slow motion with narration, explains basic partner holds and new steps for each dance, reviews music timing information, and provides a visual layout of each dance pattern on the ice. Finally, Terri and Mike perform the dance in its entirety for you to study and aspire to. Their passion for the sport is evident in their skating, and through this presentation they hope to help others experience the joy of ice dancing.

Mike Ricigliano is a six-time gold medalist in Championship Gold Dance at the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships. Terri Levine is the 2007 silver medalist in Pre-Gold dance at the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships. Both are gold medalists in ice dance, having successfully passed the standard gold dance test.

35 mins. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (USA, Canada)

Eazee Skating Video

Eazee Skating DVD - $19.95
Donna Ashton-Good brings over 25 years of professional ice coaching experience to the viewer. The idea of this video is to teach beginners of all ages to ice skate. Using proven techniques, the video presents a "step by step" progression. From the first steps onto the ice to basic stroking, gliding, stopping, backward skating, edges, crosscuts and more. The perfect way to introduce the viewer to the sport of ice skating. Great for parents who would like to introduce their children to the basic moves of ice skating. Once the basics are mastered, the child can then choose hockey, figure skating or skating just for fun and enjoyment. Great for beginners of all ages.

33 mins.
DVD - Region 1 (USA, Canada)

How to Learn the Splits! Video

How to Learn the Splits Flexibility is a requirement for gymnastics and it is important for many other sports as well.

Olympic Gymnast and Team Captain Kelly Garrison teaches you the fundamental leg and hip stretches for gymnasts. The stretches primarily focus on the hip flexor, hamstring, and quadriceps muscles. Many of the demonstrations also include stretching one’s back and calf muscles. Correct technique while stretching is mandatory for perfect alignment while performing gymnastics, ice-skating and other sports. Young gymnasts show numerous drills and various levels of flexibility. This video is a must-have for anyone wanting to learn the splits or to increase their leg and hip flexibility!

Kelly Garrison is a 1988 Olympic Gymnast, the 1988 Olympic Gymnastic Team Captain, 3 time National Balance Beam Champion, Professional World Balance Beam Champion, and USA Gymnastic Hall of Fame Member.

22 mins. (2002)  Kelly Garrison
DVD - All Region

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