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Videos and DVDs for Children. Learn pilates, yoga, baseball, basketball, bowling, tennis, golf, karate, jump rope and soccer.

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Teaching Kids How to Play Tennis Video

Teaching Kids How to Play Tennis DVD Only - $30.00
Coach Dick Gould makes learning the basic skills and strategies of tennis easy and fun! He provides the students with step-by-step instruction, designed to develop their confidence and skill level. Among the topics covered on this DVD are racquet control drills, forehand, backhand, movement drills, rally drills, practice games, net play, serving and how to keep score.

This comprehensive DVD is an invaluable guide for young players, parents and coaches. Few coaches in the history of any sport have been able to reach the level of success that Dick Gould has achieved at Stanford. After coaching for 38 years and winning 17 national titles, Coach Gould retired at the end of the 2003-04 season and assumed the position of Director of Tennis. Coach Gould was named the "Intercollegiate Tennis Association Coach of the Decade" in the 1980s and again in the 90s.

81 mins.  (2006)
DVD - All Region

Karate for Kids Video

Karate for Kids DVD Only  - $24.99
Hip, upbeat music keeps the work-out fast-paced and fun! Health, fitness, safety, confidence and positive values are important elements of this specialized sport that focuses on self-improvement. Includes a beginners, intermediate, and advanced workout.

In Level 1, Karate instructor Ted Nordblum takes the kids through a hip and upbeat workout teaching basic karate stretches and techniques.

Karate instructor Brandon Gaines, a third-degree black belt, hosts level 2, which builds on the basics by showing kids the application of karate techniques and adding some new moves that are a little more difficult.

Level 3 features sixth degree black belt and international Karate Champion Kenn Firestone, leading three proficient young black belt students in advanced karate techniques.

Health, fitness and positive values are all a part of this fun and fast paced program that will motivate and energize kids.

90 mins. (2004)
DVD - All Region

Winning Soccer: Youth Soccer Games Video

Winning Soccer Youth Soccer Games
Planning a practice that motivates players to learn, train hard, and most importantly, enjoy the game is a fundamental responsibility of every soccer coach. Players of all ages and ability levels want to be excited, enthused, and entertained while they learn. They want to become better players, but they also want to have a good time in the process. Young soccer players in particular will derive the most benefit from practices that are challenging and fun, from exercises that are activity oriented, from games in which they are constantly moving, touching the ball and scoring goals.

This DVD provides coaches with a variety of games that will nurture the technical, tactical and physical development of their players. The games are competitive, fun to play and can be easily adapted to a wide range of ages and abilities.

About the Coach: Dr. Joseph Luxbacher has been involved in the sport of soccer for more than 30 years as both a player and a coach. A former professional player in the North American Soccer League (NASL), American Soccer League (ASL), and Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL). Luxbacher is the head men's soccer coach at the University of Pittsburgh and has twice been named Big East Athletic Conference Soccer Coach of the Year.

71 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

Soccer with Mayte: For Girls Video

Soccer with Mayte For Girls DVD Only - $19.98
The Soccer with Mayte Series are hosted by Mayte Prida, a highly acclaimed television producer/host in Miami and a former news anchor for Univision. Also featuring American co-host Antonio Soave, former All-American and head coach of the World Youth Soccer Academy in Florida. The WYSA is considered one of the top soccer instructional clinics in the US.

Soccer with Mayte Girls features 2 episodes that are each 30 minutes long. They include a beginners’ level and an intermediate level of instruction. Soccer is a great sport for girls of all ages, and in this video Mayte takes us straight to the most important elements of the game in a way that is specifically and specially designed for girls. Stretching, dribbling, passing and shooting are the four principles that you will learn with Mayte and her assistant, Tony, a former All-American and head coach of the World Youth Soccer Academy in Florida.

Ages 6 to 14.  60 mins.  (2005)
DVD - All Region

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults Video

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults
Classical Pilates Inc. demonstrates a wonderful curriculum of safe and effective Classical Pilates exercises for children ages 5-12, and workouts for young adults ages 13-17, which help improve: Personal body image, mental concentration, injury prevention, strength & flexibility, weight management, self-esteem & confidence, coordination & balance.

75 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music CD for Children

Christy Lane's Stretch and Yoga Music
Music CD Only - $19.95
Soothing enjoyable music for children that is so needed in today's times. This instrumental CD includes the perfect tempo for stretching and great variety from Native American drums to orchestrated "clouds".

This CD is a great resource for teachers and a great way to encourage the mind to work with the body.

Playlist: 1. Morning Smiles; 2. Gentle Nature; 3. Reflections; 4. Floating on Raindrops; 5. Call to Nature; 6. Opening Blossoms; 7. Cloud Sailing; 8. Nursery Rhyme Stretch; 9. Happy Thoughts; and 10. Nature Calls Back.


YogaKids 2 (Ages 3 - 6) A, B, Cs - Video

Yoga Kids 2 ABC
This easy-to-follow program presents children ages 3-6 with the experience of a playful approach to yoga. Children are provided with several simple techniques that they will enjoy, remember and use repeatedly. YogaKids 2 provides a creative association between the alphabet, animals and yoga poses. With Marsha Wenig.

30 mins. (2003) Marsha Wenig. Ages 3 to 6
DVD - All Region

Yoga Kids 3 (Ages 3 - 6) Silly to Calm - Video

Yoga Kids 3
This program presents several easy-to-follow programs for children to learn to channel their energy into flexibility, fitness and fun! Kids learn to move their bodies in ways that mimic the world around them, and as a result, go from a high energy level to a relaxing calm level. With Marsha Wenig.

30 mins. (2003) Marsha Wenig. Ages 3 to 6
DVD - All Region

Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping Video

Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping
 Rope Jumping
DVD Only - $24.95
With Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD, you can teach rope jumping through a structured and progressive process; keep your students moving, interested, challenged, and on task; know common mistakes to watch for and how to correct them; and effectively teach eight sets of skills.

Long a staple in physical education programs, the jump rope is a proven, effective, and inexpensive tool — especially useful given today's education budget constraints. Yet many physical education teachers struggle with how to get the most from rope jumping.

Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD will help teachers use those jump ropes—and help kids ages 7 through 11 have fun while being active. This 108-minute DVD takes the educator through eight sets of skill breakdowns, including single-rope skills, long-rope activities, group routines, build-ups for double dutch, and fun games.

Instructor Rene Bibaud provides personal stories, entertaining metaphors, and inspiring messages and motivational tools, as well as concise and uncomplicated lesson plans with measurable outcomes that can be printed from a computer.

Rene Bibaud, a five-time world champion of rope jumping who was a lead performer and coach for the renowned Cirque du Soleil, shares her proven smart progression program that she developed over decades of teaching. Bibaud’s approach is highly organized and calls on strong visual and verbal cues, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining students' interest.

108 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

Celebrate America CD  

Celebrate America CD CD - $19.95
Bring your group, school, church, family and friends together for a special occasion of patriotism! This CD contains 20 instrumental patriotic songs. Also included are several choreographed routines using patriotic props, as well as a sign language routine. A portion of the proceeds from this CD go to Save The Children's Fund for U.S. Children In Crisis. 20 favorite American songs are included: You’re a Grand Old Flag; Stars And Stripes Forever; Over There; National Emblem; Washington Post; Star Spangled Banner; Anchors Aweigh; Marine Hymn; Navy Hymn; The Caisson’s Go Rolling Along; Semper Fidelis; The Thunderer; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Yankee Doodle; Tenting Tonight; Dixie; Yellow Rose of Texas; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; The Yankee Doodle Boy; America the Beautiful.

Bowling Fun and Fundamental for Boys and Girls Video

Bowling Fun and Fundamental for Boys and Girls DVD Only - $30.00
Bowling is fun! When you start knocking down more pins and bowl a higher score it becomes even more enjoyable. In this entertaining and informative DVD, coaches Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky teach a group of young bowlers everything they need to know to excel at the game.

Topics covered include: equipment, rules and etiquette, the four-step approach, arm swing, finish position, the release, drills you can practice at home, common faults and fixes, trick shots from Ken and more. This DVD is the perfect guide for young bowlers of all skill levels and is a valuable resource for parents and coaches.

43 mins.  (2005)
DVD - All Region

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