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Dance team videos and DVDs for beginner, intermediate and advanced level techniques most commonly used by today's dance teams. Pom, kick and jazz/funk routines by American Dance Federation Director, Tama-Lea Bence.

Dances for Drill and Dance Teams Vol. 1 DVD

Dances for Drill and Dance Teams Vol. 1 DVD
Dances for Drill and Dance Teams Vol. 1
DVD Only - $44.95

If you are the sponsor of a school drill team, then this is the tape for you! Three fresh, exciting dances especially for drill teams, dance teams, and large groups of dancers.

Features dances for jazz, funk and lyrical. All routines are taught using staging techniques to enhance your performance. Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Cathy is an international dance educator with a degree in dance from Western Michigan University. She is the owner of Cathy Roe Video Productions and Santa Fe Studio Stage. Her experience includes work as a television choreographer, University dance director and studio owner. She has received numerous choreographic awards including the New York Film and Television Award.

60 mins. (2009)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Cheerdance Workout Video

Cheerdance Workout DVD Only - $13.95
This one of a kind instructional dance DVD has cross-over appeal fusing cheerleading and dance. Not only will your cheerleading skills improve, but also you'll build strength, flexibility and learn new skills.

This DVD, instructed and choreographed by four professional cheerleaders and dancers, features the best techniques and drills for producing sharp, crisp motions in your routines.

25 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Cheer Like a Pro - Cheeracise Cheerleading Video

Cheer Like a Pro - Dance & Fitness for Cheerleaders: Cheeracise DVD Only - $34.99
For Athletes Who Make Timeouts Worth Watching (tm). Teach your school cheerleading squad timeout dance routines choreographed by pro cheerleaders and dancers.

From workouts to routines, Cheeracise Cheer Like a Pro will help you improve your cheerleading, strength, flexibility, cardio, dancing and more.

Includes: Fun Timeout & Halftime Dance Routines for Your Cheer or Pom Squad, Choreographed by Pro Cheerleaders. Strengthen and tone your legs with the Cheeracise Plyometric Workout; makeup tips; nutrition tips; and dance moves video glossary - jam packed - way over two hours!

Special Bonus - A 'Take to Your Game' CD with the songs from the DVD for you to dance to at your games.

120 mins. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (North America)

West Coast Cool: Dances & Pom Sidelines Video

West Coast Cool Dances & Pom Sidelines
With Rachel Paul, UCLA Dance Coach.

Ready-to-learn follow along routines! This presentation begins with instruction and demonstration of several key formations as well as several easy to follow dance moves that are used throughout the presentation.

Paul breaks down two totally choreographed, on the court (or on the turf), time-out dances, followed by four additional sideline pom routines.

As a bonus, Paul shares a series of basic strength development and flexibility exercises that she uses with the UCLA Dance Squad. These exercises are appropriate for in-practice or home-practice. All dances are demonstrated in segments before the total dance is put together. These eye catching and smooth - yet edgy, funky and, of course, West Coast Cool moves - are all wrapped into this presentation!

66 mins. (2006) Rachel Paul
DVD - All Region

Competition Choreography Video

Competition Choreography Why do some dances win award after award at competitions? What makes particular choreography stand out? How can you bring out the best in each performer? Terry Schulke, award-winning choreographer, dance teacher, and studio owner has the answers. Created specifically for competitions, Terry presents eight steps that will aid you in creating dances that win! To excel in competition the right music selection, dance style, technique level, and compositional elements are critical. Terry clearly presents methods to break down music, build excitement level, and show your dancers to their best advantage. Perfect for solos, trios, and group choreography. Great for dancers of all ages. Get the winning edge!

35 mins. (2005)
DVD - All Region

Principles of Choreography Video

Principles of Choreography
DVD Only - $36.99
Creating dynamic choreography can be an insurmountable challenge whether you're a studio teacher creating a jazz dance for a recital, a modern dance teacher preparing for your school's annual concert, or the director of an elite performing group getting ready to compete.

Janet Roston shows you how to utilize the basic principles of choreography to create dances with IMPACT! This unique video incorporates both modern and jazz styles to illustrate a variety of ways to create powerful choreography that will excite your audience! Integrate these concepts into your classes as well as on the stage. Make a difference in your choreography NOW!

40 mins. (1999) Janet Roston
DVD - All Region

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