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Ballet Boot Camp Stretch DVD

Ballet Boot Camp Stretch DVD - $19.95
This unique workout offers a varied, flowing mixture of stretches created to lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and release tight joints. This energizing and strengthening workout will help you to build your center of power and develop your body's core muscle groups. You will elongate and strengthen your entire body, in particular your abdominal and back muscles, which form the foundation for enhanced fitness and athletic performance.

60 mins. (2006)
DVD - Region 1 (North America)

Ballet Boot Camp DVD

Ballet Boot Camp DVD - $19.95
Experience the "joy of dance" and achieve a higher level of fitness. This exercise video unlocks the secrets of ballet dancing and good health. This program is a unique exercise video designed to help you slim, strengthen, tone and refine your entire body with a unique combination of traditional ballet dancing conditioning and standard exercise techniques. Designed for dancers and non-dancers alike, Ballet Boot Camp, when practiced regularly, produces rapid results and yields a stronger, leaner, more refined body.

65 mins. (2000)
DVD - Region 1 (North America)

Ballet Boot Camp 2 DVD

Ballet Boot Camp 2 DVD - $19.95
Back by popular demand, Ballet Boot Camp 2 is divided into segments, so you do what you want - the entire video or just a few of your favorite segments. Workout: warm-up, 16 mins.; arms 5 mins.; abs 10 mins.; core strength 6 mins.; gluts 5 mins.; stretch 3 mins.; legs 8 mins.; ballet basics 15 mins.; choreography 13 mins.

85 mins total. (2003)
DVD - Region 1 (North America)

Visual Dictionary Ballet For Children DVD

Visual Dictionary Ballet For Children DVD - $29.99
This 2 hr. DVD contains a complete visual dictionary and class for the beginner ballet student. It is an invaluable training tool for the student just beginning ballet and reference guide that can be used for years to come. It includes the definitions of terminology, basic technique, movements and steps the beginner student will need to know, with detailed visual instruction on how to execute all of the movements, positions and steps. The class is performed at 2 levels for beginner and advanced beginner student. As the class is taught, the terminology of the movements and steps are recited to help familiarize and reinforce the use of terminology in the ballet class.

The Visual Dictionary of Ballet for Children is broken down into 4 chapters: Chapter 1 - The Dictionary of Ballet Technique, includes positions of the arms feet and body, including the basic techniques of ballet. Chapter 2 - The Dictionary of Barre Work, includes visual instruction on the execution of barre movement and steps. Chapter 3 - The Dictionary of Center Work, includes visual instruction on the execution of steps done center floor. Chapter 4 - The Class, includes all of the steps movements and techniques from Chapters 1,2 and 3 assembled into a class. Program creator Rosemary Boross' dance career includes performance with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Radio City Ballet, and the American Dance Machine. Visual demonstrations by Rosemary Boross' students from The Ballet Pacifica Conservatory. Inspiring ballet class music by Rory Foster.

155 mins.  (2005)
DVD - All Region

Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet DVD

Dictionary of Classical Ballet DVD - $49.99
This program demonstrates the complete language of ballet with an index of over 800 ballet steps. Made in association with the Metropolitan Opera Guild and Capezio Dancewear.

270 mins.
DVD - Region 1 (North America)

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