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How To Break Dance Videos Vol-1-2-3 & 4 has taught thousands around the world the art of break dancing. Each 30 minute video is instructed by world renowned break dancer Mike Garcia also known as "BREAKER."

During his now 18 year career as a professional break dancer, he has entertained audiences from Las Vegas to Moscow. Some of his television appearances include, MTV, Late Night with David Letterman, Showtime Television, Nickelodeon, and Next Big Star. His live show appearances include Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas), Trump's Taj Mahal (Atlantic City), The Calgary Stampede, Canada, and Red Square, Moscow, Russia. Experience does make a difference when it comes to teaching and he brings that all to you. Each volume breaks down the moves in detailed step by step instructions.

Floor Lords, Wildstyle with Wil Power, Breakdance Step By Step Video, Strictly Choreography, DJ Dizzy. Learn to dance like Usher, N’Sync, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. Learn from Floorlords B-Boy crew, Wil Power, Break Easy, Zulu Gremlin, Mike Garcia, Devora Canario.

Breakdance Step By Step Video

Breakdance Step By Step DVD
Breakdance Step By Step

This DVD offers step-by-step instructions for all the foundation breakdance moves and makes it easy for beginners to get started. Each basic move is broken down into simple steps. Once you've mastered the basics, Disc 2 will show you how to perform more advanced moves. You will be learning from master bboy instructors, Break Easy and Zulu Gremlin.

Basic Moves features detailed instructions by Break Easy for the foundation moves such as Toprock, Footwork, Spins and Freezes.

Bonus features include a live Master Class taught by Zulu Gremlin, interviews with old skool legends Kid Freeze, Lucky Strike, King Uprock and more.

Power Moves features instructions for more advanced moves such as Flares, Headspins and 1990’s.

Bonus features include interviews and over 4 hours battle footage from the Chico Got to Have His Share and Braggin' Rites events in New York City. If you want to get started in breakdancing, this is the DVD you've been looking for.

Disc 1: Top Rock, Footwork, Drops, Freezes, Spins, Threading, Swipes, Tornadoes, Hand Glide, Floats, Windmills Kip Ups, Rubber Band, Broncos, Head Hollows. Plus an intro to popping and locking.

Disc 2: Stars, UFO's, Jackhammers, L-Kicks, Hollowbacks, Air Swipes, Munch Mills, Flares, Headspins, 1990s, 2000s, Trax.

400 mins. (2004) Break Easy and Zulu Gremlin
DVD - All Region

Breakdance: Completely Street - Instructional Video

Breakdance Completely Street Instructional Break Dancing
Learn over 25 of the industry's most popular breakdance moves!

Choreographer Scotty Nguyen breaks down each lesson in a simple, yet detailed way to ensure that any student will learn something new. Regardless of your skill level, Breakdance: Completely Street offers you an inspiring and challenging experience.

Subtitled in English, Spanish, Japanese and French. Featuring Scotty Nguyen, Steve Terada, Lamonte "Tails" Goode, JaeDong "Max" Cho and Clinton Huff.

Bonus Features: Sick-Step Battle and a Shane Sparks interview.

60 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Broadway Dance Center: Breaking Foundations Video

Broadway Dance Center Breaking Foundations DVD Only - $49.99
In this video Ephrat Asherie will teach you the foundations of b-boying/b-girling (a dance also known as breaking), including freezes, top rock, drops to the floor, basic footwork steps and patterns. You will be introduced to steps such as the 6-step, the baby swipe, the chair freeze and much more.

Ephrat’s easy going style will help you learn how to feel more comfortable free-styling. With time and practice, you will add your own flava to these steps and keep them as part of your growing dance vocabulary, enriching your work as a dancer and giving you a strong base from which to begin your training in this raw and powerful dance.

Ephrat has trained extensively in ballet and modern dance, but has found her calling in the street dance forms of b-girling (breaking), hip-hop and house. She has performed throughout the US, Italy and Peru and is co-founder of the Concrete Soul Dance Company. Ephrat has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central and Fox and has been featured in Dance Spirit Magazine, Suede Magazine and the We B*Girlz book. Ephrat was awarded a grant from the Puffin foundation for the founding of a hip-hop dance program at the Grant Houses After-School Program in Harlem, New York.

60 mins. (2006) Ephrat Asherie
DVD - All Region

How to Break Dance Video Volume 4

How to Break Dance Volume 4 DVD Only - $20.00
"Strictly for the Hardcore Moves". The moves you will learn on this volume are: Air Flares, Hollow back, Boomerang flip, Halos, Puppet, "BREAKERS" windmills, Munchmills Hollowback press, L-kick combo, the "Bug" Brooklyn top rock, one arm floor lift. Here are just a few examples of what you'll learn:
Air Flares - One of the most challenging New School moves performed by breakdancers today. This video breaks this move down into easy to follow steps and exercises so you to will be mastering this move.
HollowBack Press - A difficult variation of the hollowback. In this video you will not only learn how to do this move but "BREAKERS" own strength building exercises that will help you with these moves.
Puppet - A popping mime variation including the hydraulic crank, puppet strings and puppet walk.
L-Kick Combo - Learn this and many more advance freezes step by step on Volume 4.

35 mins. (2001) Mike Garcia (BREAKER)
DVD - All Region

Gregg Russell's Music Mix CD

Gregg Russell's Music Mix CD CD - $19.95
This CD contains the music for Gregg’s routines on the videos of Ultimate Hip Hop, Tap Remixed and Hip Hop Fuzion (above). (2004)

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