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Learn to Dance Hip Hop with instructional videos and DVDs from Suzanne DiNunzio, Barry Lather, Cathy Roe, Dena Rizzo, Culture Shock, MTV, and Grind dancers.

Dance Off the Inches: Hip Hop Party Video

Dance Off the Inches Hip Hop Party
 Dance Off Inches

Starring: Jennifer Galardi. Welcome to Dance Off the Inches Hip Hop Party. Getting fit doesn’t have to feel like work. Anyone can dance off the inches – we’ve made it easy. Just 10 moves are all you need to dance this hip hop routine – and we’ll show you how.

No matter what your age or fitness level, you can have a great time while dancing your way into great shape. You’ll want to do this workout because it’s FUN – and that’s the secret. The more you do it, the more inches you’ll lose. It’s that simple. Losing inches has never been so easy!

This fun and funky dance workout will help you melt calories plus tone and tighten your abs. We all know that dance is an effective way to slim down, but here you get an extra bonus: the motion used in hip hop dance is known for developing unparalleled flat, sleek abs — without crunches! Who doesn’t love that?

For this program, dancer Jennifer Galardi has created a routine using three different styles of hip hop that will have you losing inches, gaining confidence, feeling good and looking great.

44 mins. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Hip Hop to the Top with Barry YoungBlood Video

Hip Hop to the Top with Barry YoungBlood
 Barry YoungBlood
DVD Only - $44.95
Join Barry YoungBlood and learn four exciting and fresh Hip Hop routines.

Follow Barry as he takes you step-by-step through each dance, teaching the moves slowly and clearly from the back. Barry's energetic personality and dynamic style earned him the nickname "Super BYB", and it's easy to see why. Designed for advanced beginner through advanced levels, there's something for everyone!

Barry YoungBlood has worked with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jordan Knight, Christina Aguilera, Plus One, Pink, Brian McKnight and J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez). He has choreographed industrial shows for Sega Dreamcast, Nike, Reebok, Nameco and Sketchers.

His television credits include MTV Awards, VH1 Awards, Miss America Pageant with Donnie Osmond, The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, The Young and The Restless, J. Lo's NBC Special and the Soul Train Music Awards with Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy.

He also performed for the Queen of England and with Kid Rock, Ja Rule and with J. Lo for the USO show in Ramkin, Germany for the troops. Barry has choreographed music videos for such artists as Rachael Lampa, Brian McKnight and Nelly. He was a featured dancer in the movie Bringing Down the House with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. Music for this DVD on Hip Hop to the Top CD directly below.

70 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Hip Hop to the Top Music CD

Hip Hop to the Top CD
 Hip Hop Top Music
Music CD - $15.00
Contains all the music for Hip Hop To The Top DVD with Barry YoungBlood directly above. In addition, there are four bonus tracks with a cool long play for each selection. Terrific, original Hip Hop music for choreography and routines.


Blake McGrath: Dance Driven Hip Hop and More Video

Blake McGrath Dance Driven Hip Hop and More
 Blake McGrath
DVD Only - $24.99
Learn the hottest moves with dance icon Blake McGrath! You've seen him share the stage with Britney Spears, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and more … you've seen him on some of the hottest TV shows, including So You Think You Can Dance ... now you can dance with Blake at home.

Watch the performances, study the styles, then master the moves. Here's your chance to learn routines in multiple styles of Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Latin Dancing. Learn at your own pace through our interactive system designed to fit all levels of dancers.

Whether a spectator, beginner or professional, this DVD is for you! Dance Driven will inspire, deliver and drive you to new heights to be your very best.

60 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Hip-Hop Habit 3 Video

Hip-Hop Habit 3
 Hip-Hop Habit 3
DVD Only - $39.99
H-H H 3 presents THREE exciting street combos with all the fresh, kickin' steps you've come to expect from Janet Roston! First, a street-smart sequence with a floatin', grooving feel. Second, a spunky, high-energy routine featuring pop-locking! Plus a third bonus combo ... Retro! Filled with all the dance moves that made the 70's great! The kids love it! All combos are perfect for dance, funk-aerobics, and competitions.

50 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Hip Hop Dance Workout: Street Dance with Nekea Brown Video

Hip Hop Dance Workout Street Dance with Nekea Brown
 Street Dance

Get your groove on with Street Dance and enjoy working out to hot fresh music and Hip Hop choreography.

If you love to dance, try this easy to follow workout challenge while burning calories and toning up. This is a fun filled low impact dance routine followed by abs. So don't worry if you can't dance, you'll have a great time doing it. See you on the dance floor! Warm Up 5.25 mins. /Street Dance 5.25 mins. /Street Dance 25.25 mins. /Cooldown 7.5 mins. /Abdominal 4.25 mins.

36 mins. total. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Broadway Dance Center: Hip Hop Funk Video

Broadway Dance Center Hip Hop Funk
 Hip Hop Funk
DVD Only - $49.99
Join Jermaine Browne as he teaches and performs 60 minutes of his provocative and fluid dance style known as JFH.  Fusing Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop, Jermaine's choreography is technical, strong and bursting with passion and energy.

Unique camera angles facing the mirror allow you to learn as though you were a student in the class. Jermaine and his dancers will take you step by step through three routines. One select routine will transport you into a class at the Broadway Dance Center (New York City) where you join in the incredible atmosphere best suited for the intermediate to intermediate-advanced students.

60 mins.  (2006)  Jermaine Browne
DVD - All Region

Broadway Dance Center: Street Jazz Video

Broadway Dance Center Street Jazz DVD Only - $49.99
If you want to be on top of the latest hip-hop dance styles and become a stronger hip-hop dancer and performer, this video is for YOU!

Rhapsody and her dance company will take you on a ride as you learn the style that is sweeping the nation. Street Jazz fuses hip-hop and jazz and is the signature style of Rhapsody and her company. On this Street Jazz journey you will learn three hot routines for the beginner, intermediate and advanced dancer. Rhapsody incorporates the use of body mechanics, musicality and distinctive performance techniques to help you become a better hip-hop dancer. If you are all about hard work, dedication and fun, then this video is tailor-made for you!

Rhapsody's credits include major recording labels, MTV, NBA/WNBA, Salem, Sony Industrials, and Eve/Ruff Ryders national tour. After making weekly appearances on MTV's "The Grind," Rhapsody was asked to display her choreography. Choreographing for the NJ Nets, NY Knicks and NY Liberty dance teams led to many more opportunities. She choreographed the Fat Joe/Featuring R Kelly music video "We Thuggin," for the #1 pop group in Europe, Northern Line, headed by Benny Medina, and the NBA All-Star weekend in Philadelphia.

60 mins.  (2006)  Rhapsody
DVD - All Region

Broadway Dance Center: Breaking Foundations Video

Broadway Dance Center Breaking Foundations DVD Only - $49.99
In this video Ephrat Asherie will teach you the foundations of b-boying/b-girling (a dance also known as breaking), including freezes, top rock, drops to the floor, basic footwork steps and patterns. You will be introduced to steps such as the 6-step, the baby swipe, the chair freeze and much more.

Ephrat’s easy going style will help you learn how to feel more comfortable free-styling. With time and practice, you will add your own flava to these steps and keep them as part of your growing dance vocabulary, enriching your work as a dancer and giving you a strong base from which to begin your training in this raw and powerful dance.

Ephrat has trained extensively in ballet and modern dance, but has found her calling in the street dance forms of b-girling (breaking), hip-hop and house. She has performed throughout the US, Italy and Peru and is co-founder of the Concrete Soul Dance Company. Ephrat has appeared on MTV, Comedy Central and Fox and has been featured in Dance Spirit Magazine, Suede Magazine and the We B*Girlz book. Ephrat was awarded a grant from the Puffin foundation for the founding of a hip-hop dance program at the Grant Houses After-School Program in Harlem, New York.

60 mins. (2006)  Ephrat Asherie
DVD - All Region

Kidz Hip Hop Jam Video

Kidz Hip Hop Jam DVD Only - $44.95
Are you ready to get funky? Then join Gregg Russell, and his young, high energy kidz in a hour long class, including warm-up, across the floor, two routines, and a freestyle circle at the end.

Each section has easy to follow breakdowns of some of today's hottest moves. The class is appropriate and fun for young dancers (age 7-12). It includes some breakdance moves and shows you new ways to make hip hop class a blast. The energy and music are fun-filled, so be ready to "Shake what your Momma gave Ya!".

Gregg is an Emmy nominated choreographer, who's credits include a commercial for Carvel Ice Cream and choreographer for the CBS soap opera “Bold and the Beautiful”. He danced in the new Jason Mraz video “You and I”, and kicked up his heels in a Gap commercial. He was also a guest performer and choreographer on the Disney show “Even Stevens” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Movie credits include “Newsies”, “Cats Don’t Dance” and “Clueless”, and as a guest on the show “3rd Rock from the Sun”. His talents also include coaching stars such as Cedric the Entertainer, Bette Midler, and ice skater, Ilia Kulik! Gregg currently teaches at Edge Performing Arts in Hollywood.

Music for the entire class, routines and much more is on the CD, Bob Rizzo's Happy Hip Hop.

60 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Steps & Routines featuring Richie Video

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Steps & Routines featuring Richie DVD Only - $24.95
In this DVD are hip hop moves that everyone can do! Learn the basics that are popular on the dance floor, at clubs, parties and school dances. Have fun with Richie as you learn the Table Topp, Wobble, Dipp Shake and Monostary. Includes a fun beginning routine and then you will be challenged learning a smooth California style intermediate routine! This DVD is good for all ages, however, the intermediate routine is geared for ages 12 through adult. Music for this video available on the Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers CD Vol. 2.

60 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Hip Hop 4 Kids with Cat Video

Hip Hop 4 Kids with Cat DVD Only  - $19.95
Hip Hop dancing is more popular than ever! It's time for you to learn some new Hip Hop moves!

In this DVD, southern California dance instructor Cat Orlando will teach you three easy-to-follow fun routines for ages 7 - 13 yrs. Includes a beginning, advanced beginning and intermediate routine that you can use for practice, performance, class or with your friends! Music for this video available on the Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers CD Vol. 1.

30 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Vol. 1 CD

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 1 CD Music CD - $19.95
Hey teachers and students of hip hop! This a a GREAT CD that will motivate you to get up and dance! CLEAN LYRICS, extended music tracks (4-5 minutes per song), popular instrumental versions with a great dance beat! From funk, to radio flavor to old school break to techno, this CD rocks! Inside includes song descriptions, the beat per minutes, the time length ... everything you need for your class or performance. Produced by dance educator Christy Lane.

Tracks Include: Work Your Body; The Bounce; Came to Dance (vocals); Came to Dance; Old School Break; Step Into My World (vocals); Step Into My World; Floor Shaker; Move to the Tempo; Clappin Grove; and Electronic Zone.

50 mins. (2006)

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Vol. 2 CD

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 2 CD Music CD - $19.95
CLEAN LYRICS! Extended music tracks! Song descriptions, beats per minute, and time length listing! All that is included in this one-of-a-kind music CD designed for teachers and students of hip hop. From krunk to funk to reggaeton to techno, this CD will motivate your students to get up and dance! Produced by dance educator Christy Lane.

Tracks Include: Get Funky (vocals); Get Funky; Urban Groove; Shake it Down; Talk About It; The I-10; Krunk & Krazy; The Drip; Wuz Up; TLC; Soul Glow; and LA Night.

50 mins. (2006)

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