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Pilates videos is a method of physical and mental conditioning. It is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. It is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind.

Shape: Cardio Sculpt Pilates DVD

Shape: Cardio Sculpt Pilates DVD
Shape: Cardio Sculpt Pilates

Burn more calories and tone up all over with this unique program that is both easy to follow and challenging. You’ll target every part of your body - especially your abs, hips, butt and thighs - in this invigorating Pilates routine. Not only will you develop firm, sexy muscles, you’ll also boost your calorie burn. Burn calories and firm up from head to toe.

30-Minute Body Toning: Take your sculpting results up a notch! Taught by Pilates instructor Lizbeth Garcia, this workout increases the intensity and calorie burn by keeping the pace quick. You won’t sacrifice any toning benefits, and the motivating results will ensure you’ll never look at Pilates the same way again.

BONUS 12-Minute Body Blitz: Target every part of your body in just 12 minutes with this SHAPE strength-training plan featuring Tracy York. You’ll hit all your major trouble zones and chisel well-defined muscles from head-to-toe.

About your fitness expert: Lizbeth Garcia is a certified Pilates instructor and fitness professional accredited by AFAA. She has been a life-long dancer and choreographer, and led multiple fitness and Pilates DVDs.

About SHAPE magazine: Since 1981, SHAPE magazine has guided and motivated women to live their healthiest, most active lives by delivering consistently accurate and highly-researched editorial content. This program targets all fitness levels with modifications for beginners and more experienced exercisers.

Two sets of weights (lighter and heavier) are recommended.
42 mins. (2010)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Trudie Styler: Core Strength Pilates DVD

Element: Slim & Tone Pilates DVD

Element: Slim & Tone Pilates DVD
Element Slim & Tone Pilates DVD

Pilates is ideal for creating strong healthy bodies that are slim, flexible, and lean.

Filmed on a beautiful location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this dynamic workout includes both standard mat exercises and apparatus mat exercises.

The apparatus exercises, which are usually done in a Pilates studio on a reformer, enhance the routine and give you a taste of the studio experience in your own home - without purchasing any expensive equipment. This specially designed combination of the two types of Pilates provides you with a very complete workout that will slim, tone, and firm your whole body.

About the Instructor: Kara Wily has taught the Pilates method for over 15 years. Formerly a professional dancer, Kara was trained as a teacher by Joseph Pilates’ own protégée, Romana Kryzanowska. Pilates changed Kara’s body and her life. She went on to direct the Pilates Program at the Performing Arts School in Vienna.

Now, as owner of the Kara Wily Pilates Studio in Los Angeles, her list of clientele includes famed actors, television personalities, models, and producers.

Element is proud to support the Arbor Day Foundation. For every four Element DVDs purchased, a tree will be planted (up to 20,000 trees annually). In addition to generating oxygen, trees provide air pollution control and decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide levels thereby reducing global warming.

38 mins. (2009)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Kristin McGee: Pilates for Beginners DVD

Kristin McGee: Pilates for Beginners DVD
Pilates for Beginners

Although the fitness benefits of Pilates are well established, the discipline can seem mysterious to those who have never tried it.

Designed with the beginner in mind, this program fulfills a strong demand for introductory level Pilates programs. With two 10-minute and two 20-minute workouts to choose from, you can start slowly and progress at your own speed.

A bonus booklet and tutorial segment provide helpful information for those new to Pilates, and take-along cards with extra moves allow for exercise on the go.

Straightforward and effective, it’s ideal for beginners and those wishing to refine their practice.

60 mins. (2009)124 mins. (2009)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Pilates Power Ball Sculpt DVD

Pilates Power Ball Sculpt
Pilates Power Ball Sculpt

Pilates Power Ball Sculpt uses the most effective body sculpting Pilates moves to give you amazing results within ten workouts.

Engage your entire body with this gentle, flowing, yet challenging routine that targets your waist, lower abs, legs, and butt. The optional Power Ball will help you focus on working slower and harder to achieve a beautiful dancer-like physique.

DVD includes three shorter options: Lower Abs and Butt Express (15 min), Pilates Style Power Sculpt (15 min), and Recovery Stretch (5 min).

Recommended equipment: a mat or carpeted surface; and a 4 pound Power Ball is recommended but not absolutely necessary.
50 mins. (2009)
DVD - All Region

Quick Fix: Total Mix - Core Abs Video

Quick Fix: Total Mix - Core Abs
 Total Mix-Core Abs
DVD Only - $9.98
Create your own customized ab workout! This completely core focused program is a compilation of the best ab workouts QUICKFIX® has to offer.

Choose from nine different routines that will tone and tighten the mid-section. This includes Yoga, Pilates, Toning and Cardio segments to make the workout more challenging!

This is the only DVD fitness program of its kind! Over 100 combinations! Including the exclusive No More Boring Workouts!

Customize each routine with the QUICKFIX Blender® and choose any combination of segments and watch the time fly by with the Countdown Clock. Just to make QUICKFIX® even more exciting, we’ve gone one step further, and added a Randomizer that will choose your workout for you, one click and you are on your way!

Equipment Used: Light Hand Weights, Stability Ball.
90 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

The Method: Precision Abs Video

The Method: Precision Abs
Precision Abs
DVD Only - $9.98
Define your abs with precision movements. Accurate, precise toning and sculpting movements with two 20 minute workout segments. These time efficient workouts will provide the long lean body that everyone wishes for!

Each segment blends Yoga and Pilates practices to create a concentrated workout for the body’s core. Learn how to control the breath and strengthen the abdominals in isolated movements while toning at the same time. Concentrate on firming and developing the midsection without weights or bulky equipment.

Benefits of Precision Abs: Stronger lower back; improved posture; and core targeted toning.

DVD Feature: Includes two core toning workouts.

THE METHODology: The Method® is known for its quality, technique, and unique style. Our instructors are certified with extensive training and teaching experience to deliver challenging yet easy-to-follow workout routines that are rooted in mind, body fitness. The Method® workouts are a great way to work out your total body — upper, lower, abs and core!

45 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus Video

Exhale: Core Fusion Pilates Plus
 Core Fusion Pilates +

This premier new fitness brand features the exhale proprietary classes that have attracted a quarter million people around the country.

Named ”Best Fusion Class” by New York magazine and taught by Core Fusion creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, this unique approach is one of the best ways to get a long, thin sleek physique.

The blend of core-related movements and strength training works areas that traditional exercises miss, delivering washboard abs, perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders, and a tighter, higher backside. Integrating the core with every move, these five 10-minute workouts combine Pilates-based exercises with yoga-inspired postures for flat abs fast.

50 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Denise Austin: Body Burn with Dance and Pilates Video

Denise Austin: Body Burn with Dance and Pilates
 Dance and Pilates

Fitness expert Denise Austin has found the perfect dance partner ... Pilates! Nothing burns fat and builds long, lean muscle like Pilates and dance, and nothing is more fun than these three high-energy, low-impact workouts. Lose weight and transform your body with the cardio power of dance and the slimming secrets of Pilates!

CARDIO DANCE (30 mins): Turn up the burn, and your metabolism, with this easy-to-follow dance routine that twists, shakes, and kicks your body slim.
PILATES STANDING (10 mins): Using light weights, sculpt a sexy, streamlined body with standing moves that tighten and tone the arms, legs, and core.
PILATES MAT (10 mins): Blast your abs and core with classic mat Pilates exercises proven to sculpt a strong and slender fat-burning body.

Equipment Used: Light Weights.
55 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; more)

Cardio Burn Sculpt Video

(Cover art has recently changed)

Cardio Burn Sculpt
 Cardio Burn Sculpt

Also known as Total Body Cardio. Strong and toned all over. No muscle will feel left out of this high-energy cardio workout.

Fusing the best of yoga, Pilates and aerobic conditioning, Tanja Djelevic leads you through an effective series of cardio and strength-building moves that target the entire body. Burn calories and melt fat while achieving better posture, stability, core strength and overall toning.

Filled with nonstop variety, this workout will keep you motivated until the very end.

95 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories).

The Firm: Sculpt-ilates Video w/Pilates Band

The Firm Sculpt-ilates
 Firm Sculpt-ilates
DVD Only - $19.98
Burn fat while you sculpt from head to toe with The FIRM’s twist on the best of traditional Pilates.

The FIRM Master Instructor Robyn Johnson coaches you through athletic Pilates moves as you tone, strengthen and burn fat. We’ve added extra reps to burn calories, and The FIRM Pilates Band to sculpt long, lean muscles. Plus, Sculpt-ilates is set to music to keep you focused and having fun!

Pilates Band included.
50 mins. (2008)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Pilates Circle Challenge Video

Pilates Circle Challenge
 Pilates Circle

Pilates Circle Challenge uses the Pilates Circle to keep your body in the proper alignment to activate and engage specific muscle groups during the workout.

You do not need a Pilates Circle to do the workout, but it does make it more challenging. The resistance of the Pilates Circle sculpts hard to tone areas, giving you beautifully defined arms, toned flat abs, a slim waist and hips, lean thighs, and a great rear!

Pilates Circle Challenge begins with a calming stretch to ready your mind and body. Then you will work your entire core and lower body while engaging your upper body as well. You will end with a gentle stretch to improve flexibility.

Recommended equipment: A mat or carpeted surface; a Pilates Circle is recommended but not absolutely necessary.
DVD includes three shorter options: Total Core Challenge, Leg Challenge, and Lower Body Burn.
50 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

Attitude Tu Video

Attitude Tu
 Attitude Tu

The Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion classes have become a popular workout for anyone looking to improve balance, coordination, posture, and grace.

Attitude Tu is the next step on your Attitude journey. More challenging balance work, unique strength techniques using exercise bands and our popular ball routines, classic Pilates mat with a JUST b touch!

You'll strengthen and sculpt your arms, work on balance, and tone your entire body!

Recommended equipment: A mat or carpeted surface; resistance band; 2-5 pound weighted ball.
DVD includes three shorter options: Center - 13 min; Center with Bands - 14 min; Mat Work - 21 min; and Stretch - 3 min.
52 mins. (2008)
DVD - All Region

10 Minute Solution: Slim & Sculpt Pilates Video with Pilates Band

10 Minute Solution Slim & Sculpt Pilates Video with Pilates Band DVD Only - $16.98
No time to exercise? We have the solution - the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day and we've developed five dynamic Pilates workouts that are just 10 Minutes each.

The workouts will slim and re-shape your entire body by using a band to add resistance offered by traditional Pilates machines (like the Reformer and the Cadillac) which are usually only available in private studios. You can split these routines into five separate workouts or do them all together for the ultimate body transforming workout!

Includes five 10 Minute workouts to shape your body: Upper Body Pilates; Lower Body Pilates; Pilates for Abs; Total Body Pilates; and Pilates for Flexibility. Pilates Band included inside the DVD case -- Get private studio results at home with the Pilates Band!

About the Instructor: Suzanne Bowen is an AFAA certified group fitness and practical Pilates instructor from Nashville, TN and has been a fitness professional for almost 10 years.

54 mins. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

STOTT PILATES ®: Basic Pilates 2nd Edition Video

STOTT PILATES ® Basic Pilates DVD Only - $14.95
Develop a body that looks and feels great! Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES to gain proper positioning and maximum benefit from your workouts. This routine focuses on developing core strength and flexibility. All you need is a Pilates mat and the desire to create flat abs, a strong back and sculpted arms and legs.

Required equipment: Exercise mat. Covers 27 exercises. Difficulty Level: 1.

French & English Soundtracks. English Version Closed Captioned.
66 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Kathy Smith: Peel Off the Pounds Pilates Video

Kathy Smith Peel Off the Pounds Pilates
With Peel Off the Pounds Pilates, fitness expert Kathy Smith delivers a workout system that kicks the fat-burning power of Pilates into high gear.

Kathy's fat-burning workout, combined with her upper-body and lower-body toning routines, work together to reshape your arms, abs, hips and thighs while maximizing your weight-loss potential to reveal a leaner, stronger, healthier body - a Pilates body!

DVD Includes:
Warm-Up (5 Minutes) - Prepare for an incredible workout by increasing body awareness through isolations and stretches.
Fat-Burning Workout (20 Minutes) - Blast calories and challenge your core with this dance-inspired, total-body cardio workout infused with the principles of Pilates.
Upper Body and Core Pilates Mat Workout (10 Minutes) - Use light weights to sculpt and strengthen your arms, shoulders, back and core with Kathy's favorite upper-body Pilates moves.
Lower Body and Core Pilates Mat Workout (10 Minutes) - Strengthen and lengthen a lean lower body with a series of core-focused hip, bun and thigh trimmers.
Cool-Down (5 Minutes) - Finish with relaxing stretches that concentrate on flexibility and alignment.

50 mins. (2007)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Step & Core Pilates with Jules Benson Video

Step & Core Pilates with Jules Benson
This full-body workout pairs an energetic step routine with a graceful Pilates segment to strengthen and define your core.

In the Step portion, Jules Benson keeps your heart pumping with plenty of fresh choreography and directional changes.

The Core Pilates segment continues this momentum through a blend of fluid, classic Pilates moves and modern techniques that effectively target your core muscles. Jules' clear and precise instruction will keep you smiling throughout this high-energy, graceful workout as you stay in sync with her every move.

The Step aerobics portion (35 mins) leads directly into the Core Pilates section (23 mins).

58 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

The Best Workouts Ever: Pilates Video

The Best Workouts Ever Pilates
The Best Workouts Ever …. A collection of the Industry’s top fitness videos brought to you by Inspired Wellness. This new & exciting workout series contains specially selected workouts focusing on different parts of your body. You can mix & match the workouts to create a routine that best fits your time & the zone you want to target!

Method Pilates Fusion: (Beginner) This program uses a blend of Ballet and Pilates to shape, tone and define your entire body. The beginner workout can also be a great warm-up section for the intermediate and advanced exerciser.
QuickFix Pilates: (Intermediate) You will focus on reshaping the legs and glutes using the classic Pilates sideline series. A challenging workout for the experienced exerciser and first-time user.
Method 20/20 Perfect Pilates: (Intermediate) Brings you a refreshing blend of movements, stretching and breathing exercises that will bolster your body's vital structure, and provide you with a long lean body. A challenging workout for the  experienced exerciser and first-time user.
Method Target Specifics Plus: (Advanced) This total body workout is based on the postures and techniques of Yoga and Pilates. You will focus on strengthening and toning your arms, shoulders and upper back through each challenging movement.
Quickfix Pilates Abs: (Advanced) This workout emphasizes the practice of Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your body and develop a firmer, tighter stomach.

81 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Pilates Core Challenge Video

Pilates Core Challenge
Get a strong, long and lean Pilates body by practicing with award-winning instructor Ana Cabán.

The Pilates Core Challenge strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, flexibility and balance, and creates a sleek, firm and strong body. Each movement targets the core muscles of the body, including the abs, lower back, hips and buttocks. By focusing on your core muscles, you build lean muscle that burns calories more efficiently.

Certified instructor Ana Cabán provides clear, detailed instruction to help you achieve proper form, control and breath as you move through classic Pilates exercises including the Hundreds, Roll-up, Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch and Scissors.

Discover the practice that athletes, dancers, celebrities and others rave about. With Pilates Core Challenge and Ana Cabán, you’ll have a firm, lean and strong Pilates body and a strong foundation for good health.

Ana Cabán is a certified Pilates instructor who studied at The Pilates Studio of New York City under the tutelage of Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Ana is an award-winning instructor that has been featured in many media outlets, including CBS News, Weight Watchers Magazine, Pilates Style, Los Angeles Daily News and Miami Herald.

Bonus Features: 30 and 60 minute program options; Pilates Pose Guide; and meet Ana Caban.

60 mins. (2007)
DVD - All Region

Pilates for Men Video

Pilates for Men DVD Only - $24.95
Certified Pilates Instructor and corporate life coach Lindsey Jackson addresses men's differing needs for strength and flexibility with this tailored DVD.

Now used by many professional sports teams, runners, golfers, surfers, cyclists and horse riders, men are recognizing the need for more than just brute force or speed!

Men with sedentary jobs will benefit from moving their body fully and avoid postural problems by improving their core strength. Lindsey teaches two men at different levels.

This DVD is ideal for those new to Pilates as well as those ready to kick it up a notch.

85 mins. (2006) Lindsey Jackson
DVD - All Region

Pilates for Dancers Video

Pilates for Dancers
Pilates for Dancers is designed for anyone and everyone who would like to attain the dancer's body. Pilates for Dancers was born of the idea that the dancer’s body and physique is beautiful, graceful, and lithe. At the same time, it is an attainable beauty, given the proper exercise routine and discipline.

This video has a great, limbering warm up routine, followed by over 20 explicitly broken down, step-by-step, instructions that anyone (yes, even you) can follow. This video progressed in stages so that even absolute beginners will have no problem getting a complete and invigorating workout.

Geared towards beginners and intermediates, a lot of time is spent on explanation and proper repetition, so you get the most out of your workout. Multiple angles make sure you don’t miss any of the important alignment, or subtle movements Pilates can get us into. A great video and a chance for you to experience a dancer’s workout!

100 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Gilad: Ultimate Body Sculpt - Core and More Video

Gilad Ultimate Body Sculpt - Core and More
Get ready for the most challenging and comprehensive core building workout you have ever done. In this workout Gilad has combined functional ab sculpting moves with Pilates principles to help you achieve a beautiful firm waistline as well as improve your posture and strengthen your core.

Gilad’s Ultimate Body Sculpt home video workouts are being called the best workout videos ever made. The workout principal and style is based on Gilad’s #1 rated fitness show Total Body Sculpt With Gilad on Fit TV.

Gilad is known for his unique ability to reach out and motivate you by explaining in detail the proper form to use and to make you understand what you are accomplishing and why. In the Ultimate Body Sculpt series Gilad rises to a whole new level of professionalism and takes you right along with him.

60 mins. (2006) Gilad
DVD - All Region

Classical Pilates Technique with Consideration of the Neck & Back Video

Classical Pilates Technique with Consideration of the Neck & Back
This DVD contains a full Pre-Pilates section, as well as three complete Classical Pilates modified mat levels to help facilitate safety and stability of the neck and back while you enjoy your refreshing workouts. Another goal of this program is to help you safely increase strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility for the entire body.

110 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults Video

Classical Pilates Kids & Young Adults
Classical Pilates Inc. demonstrates a wonderful curriculum of safe and effective Classical Pilates exercises for children ages 5-12, and workouts for young adults ages 13-17, which help improve: Personal body image, mental concentration, injury prevention, strength & flexibility, weight management, self-esteem & confidence, coordination & balance.

75 mins. (2006)
DVD - All Region

Lynne Robinson - Pilates for Pregnancy Video

Lynne Robinson Pilates for Pregnancy DVD Only - $9.99
At last, a safe and effective Pilates program that takes into account all the changes your body is going through while pregnant. Designed for use in pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards and from 6 weeks after the birth. Relax safe in the knowledge that you have chosen the best possible exercise for you and your baby!

50 mins.  (2006) Lynne Robinson
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Pilates for 50+ Video

Pilates for 50+ DVD Only - $7.98
Certified Pilates instructor Amy Brown provides an easy to follow routine that will provide amazing results. This DVD features a 20 minute workout targeted at the 50+ audience.

20 mins.  (2005) Amy Brown
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

STOTT PILATES ®: Secret to Toned Arms, Buns & Thighs Video

STOTT PILATES ® Secret to Toned Arms, Buns & Thighs DVD Only - $14.95
Master Instructor Moira Merrithew shares the body-changing secrets of STOTT PILATES with a workout designed to reach those hard-to-target muscles - banishing flabby arms, firming your lower body and boosting all the right curves.

Required equipment: Exercise mat. Covers 32 exercises. Difficulty Level: 2.

French & English Soundtracks. English Version Closed Captioned.
90 mins. (2005)
DVD - All Region

Denise Austin - Hit the Spot - Pilates Video

Denise Austin Hit the Spot Pilates
In Hit the Spot Pilates, Denise Austin, America's favorite fitness expert, has designed a series of workouts that lets you target specific areas of your body, all with a Pilates twist! Now you can do these body-slimming exercises - geared for all ages and fitness levels - at home using Pilates to trim, shape and tone the areas of your body that need it the most. Denise's program allows you to customize your routine by selecting the exercises you want in the order you want them to play. Choose from seven different workouts: core, abs and waistline, power abs, hips, thighs, and buns, plus a bonus segment.

81 mins.  (2005)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Pilates BodyBand Workout Kit with Pilates BodyBand Video

Pilates BodyBand Workout Kit with Pilates BodyBand Video DVD Only - $29.98
Kit includes 3 body bands and Pilates BodyBand Workout Video with Ana Caban. It increases flexibility and coordination and is great for seniors.

40 mins.  (1986/2005) Ana Caban
DVD - All Region

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