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Yoga instruction videos and DVDs. Hatha Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Yoga during Pregnancy, Yoga for Seniors and Yoga for Kids.

The Firm: Power Yoga Video

The Firm Power Yoga DVD Only - $14.95
Firm Power Yoga will sculpt your upper body, abs, hips, thighs and buttocks while stretching your muscles for a longer, leaner more toned body. Relieves the stress in achy joints, gain greater mobility, energize and refocus with FIRM POWER YOGA! Every move in this workout does double-duty - stretch one muscle while you strengthen another. This is the perfect compliment to your other FIRM workouts. Still want to move, but cant find the energy to pick up a weight or work out to a high energy beat? FIRM POWER YOGA is your answer. No equipment required! This workout uses your own bodyweight as resistance. Youll shape and strengthen all the muscles of your body while holding positions that improve your flexibility and balance while sculpting great abs. FIRM master instructor Kristen Stohecker leads you through 30 minutes of power stretches and energizing movement that will leave you refreshed and relaxed! Equipment: Optional Yoga Mat.

37 mins.  (2004)
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

Leslie Sansone: You Can Do Yoga Video

Leslie Sansone You Can Do Yoga
In this series, Leslie shows that you can do the latest fitness programs, offering a fun and fast way to "get up to speed" on current health, wellness, and fitness programs ... without overwhelming you.

Leslie has brought together a series of universally accepted basic poses and techniques that can make the practice of Yoga both fun and easy, regardless of your present fitness level. You will learn the easiest way to perform standard Yoga poses, learn modifications and variations you can easily adapt to your fitness level, improve your overall physical strength, range of movement, flexibility, and stamina, and increase the mind/body connection and your ability to cope with daily stress. To make this a workout you'll enjoy doing from your very first try, Leslie has divided the video into two progressive practice segments: Yoga Poses and Techniques, and Yoga You Can Do.

42 mins. (2004) Leslie Sansone
DVD - Region 1 (Canada, United States; U.S. territories; Bermuda)

YogaKids 2 (Ages 3 - 6) A, B, Cs - Video

Yoga Kids 2 ABC
This easy-to-follow program presents children ages 3-6 with the experience of a playful approach to yoga. Children are provided with several simple techniques that they will enjoy, remember and use repeatedly.

YogaKids 2 provides a creative association between the alphabet, animals and yoga poses. With Marsha Wenig.

30 mins. (2003) Marsha Wenig. Ages 3 to 6
VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).
DVD - All Region

Yoga Kids 3 (Ages 3 - 6) Silly to Calm - Video

Yoga Kids 3
This program presents several easy-to-follow programs for children to learn to channel their energy into flexibility, fitness and fun! Kids learn to move their bodies in ways that mimic the world around them, and as a result, go from a high energy level to a relaxing calm level. With Marsha Wenig.

30 mins. (2003) Marsha Wenig. Ages 3 to 6
DVD - All Region

The Power of Hatha Yoga Ultimate Series Video

The Power of Hatha Yoga Challenging Series DVD DVD Only - $24.95
Hatha Yoga is the foundation of Raja Yoga. "Hatha" literally means sun and moon. Hatha yoga strives to balance these two contrary but complementary elements which represent the masculine and the feminine, strength and flexibility. Regular consistent practice of these postures will improve Immune, Reparatory, Circulatory, Digestive, and Nervous Systems. It will bring you an ocean of calm and peace, and provide you with the keys to the kingdom of Health and Vitality. To be able to resist disease, to bear strain, and to enjoy mental vitality, to feel the body as a luxury, as a bird feels when shooting through the air, and as a normal child does, is health. Proficient students of this Yoga program will recapture the power of youth every day.

90 mins. (1997, 2001, 2003)
DVD - All Region

Yoga Essentials Tools Kit

Yoga Essentials Kit Toolkit & vhs - $39.98
Whatever your level of fitness and flexibility, this kit will allow you to enjoy the full benefits of practicing yoga. All the essential tools are included for your yoga practice. Included are 1 deluxe non-slip mat (24"x68), 1 reinforced cotton strap with buckle (6), 2 durable lightweight foam bricks (9x5x3), and the "How to Use Props Plus Workout video" (30 mins). Bricks and mat come in purple as shown.

VHS - NTSC format only (Canada, USA).

Prenatal Yoga Video

Prenatal Yoga DVD Only - $19.98
A unique series of stretches and strength-building exercises for pregnant women that includes modifications for each trimester. Workouts are broken up into small 15 minute segments, with women from all three trimesters demonstrating the poses. With Shiva Rea.

60 minutes. Shiva Rea
DVD - All Region

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